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5 Reasons to Gift a "Walt Disney World®" Resort Trip This Year

Reason 1: You Don’t Need Any More Stuff

In today’s time, kids (and adults) are bombarded with things. Does your kid really need the newest iPad, the newest smart phone, or another dozen toys to throw in their toy pile? The answer is no-- We don’t like to admit it, but none of us need the ever-increasing plethora of items that are graciously gifted to us every Christmas.

Reduce the clutter and skip giving things to your family. Instead, give them the gift of an unforgettable experience. Odds are, the kids will still get toys from Grandma, Grandpa, Aunts, Uncles, and everyone else who loves to shower them with love and affection!

Reason 2: You Do Need Some Quality Family Time

Some of my fondest memories of my childhood are from Walt Disney World® Resort. I remember so many inside jokes and all-around feel-good-moments shared with my family members at Disney, and they all remember them too. I don’t remember what I got for Christmas when I was 10, but I sure do remember all of the amazing times we had together at Walt Disney World® Resort.

Christmas isn’t really about “things.” It’s about celebrating religion, family, friends, and togetherness. Giving the gift of an unforgettable family experience to share together is really about as Christmasy as Christmas can get.

Reason 3: Take it Out of the Christmas Budget

Sure, Walt Disney World® Resort is very expensive. But how much do you shell out on Christmas each year? I’m going to guess at least hundreds, and depending on the size of your family, you may be in the 4-digit range. Every year is like a rat race to beat the year before.

Well, take all of that money you spend on Christmas gifts every year and put it towards a Walt Disney World® Resort vacation. Suddenly, the price tag for a Disney vacation doesn't look so expensive.

If you regularly take Walt Disney World® Resort vacations anyway, this is the perfect time to use your Christmas budget to upgrade. Splurge on that dream resort your family always wanted to stay at, or add special events and VIP experiences. You won’t regret it!

Reason 4: Your Family Will Flip Out

Have you ever seen those videos of people telling their kids that they’re going to Disney World? The excitement is real! I will never forget the magical moments when my parents told me that we were going to Disney World. My sister and I would jump up and down screaming. As kids, it was our biggest dream! When we got to be tweens and teenagers, we were just as excited! Will your kids really get that level of excitement from an iPad?

Reason 5: Now is an Awesome Time!

Plan a 2021 trip to experience two new huge thrill rides coming to Walt Disney World® Resort-- a Tron-themed thrill coaster is coming to Magic Kingdom® Park, and a Guardians of the Galaxy-themed thrill coaster is coming to Epcot®. 2021 is also the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World, so expect lots of epic celebrations!

2020 is also an awesome year to go to Walt Disney World® Resort! Especially if you’re not crazy about thrill rides, go to Disney in 2020 to skip the crowds that are expected in 2021. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now open in its entirety, plus a couple of awesome, smaller attractions are coming in 2020! Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway (the first ever WDW ride to feature Mickey Mouse!) is opening on March 4th, 2020 in Disney's Hollywood Studios®, and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is opening in summer 2020 in Epcot®.

No matter when you go to Disney, you can book with me to take advantage of my 100% complimentary planning services. I’ll make your dining reservations, Fastpass+ reservations, and more, hand-crafting your entire trip itinerary to fit your tastes and preferences. Click here to message me and request a quote!

Keep an eye out for our follow up blog (coming soon)-- How to Gift a Walt Disney World Resort Vacation!

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