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How to Gift a "Walt Disney World®"Resort (Or Any) Vacation

So, you're thinking about skipping the toys, jewelry, technology, or whatever else you'd usually gift your kids, significant other(s), or other friends or family members on a special occasion. You've decided to skip the "stuff" in lieu of a trip. Just because you're skipping the "stuff" doesn't mean you have to skip the holiday fun! There are lots of ways to make a truly magical, memorable reveal.

Tip 1: Keep it a Surprise

As difficult as it may be, keep your Disney trip a surprise until you’re ready to do the big reveal-- Maybe on Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or an anniversary depending on who you’re surprising.

Tip 2: Build Up Some Suspense

It’s always fun to clue people in that something big is coming without giving away the surprise. Do this with a scavenger hunt that leads to the big reveal. Your scavenger hunt can be around the house, or even around your town!

Tip 3: Get Them Some Vacation Goodies & Skip the Other Gifts

Hey, you're buying them a vacation. You are allowed to skip out on the gifts! But if you still want to give them something small to open and get them excited, you can always get them something practical for the trip. If you're going on a Disney trip, gift them matching family t-shirts or Disney gift cards.

Another way to go is to get them something small and symbolic of the trip. Going to New York City? Get them a Statue of Liberty ornament or trinket. What a fun way to find out you're going somewhere!

Tip 4: Film the Reaction

If you're surprising your kids with something big like a Disney trip, don't forget to film their reaction! Their reaction will be nothing short of magical.

The hardest part of giving the gift of a vacation will be keeping it a surprise! If you want to give the ultimate gift of travel, contact me for a free quote!

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